Martin Germano's images of Messier objects

Martin Germano is one of the most active and successful amateur astrophotographers of the deep sky. He formerly used a common Celestron 8 for years, and now works with an 8-inch and a 14.5-inch Newtonian reflector, both with f/5 primaries, and always uses panchromatic black-and-white film. His astrophotography was and is done from around his home in Southern California. He generously agreed to let us use his images here; please note that this work is copyrighted and contact Martin if you intend any non-personal (especially for-profit) use. Non-Messier object images: For more images, samples of his awesome more-than-40-year career in astrophotography (yes, he's in astrophoto biz since early 1972!), including some really rarely seen and perhaps never else photographed deepsky objects, see Martin's website; note his film image archive.

Hartmut Frommert
Christine Kronberg

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