Martin Germano: An Account of his Astrophotographical Work

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Martin Germano did astronomical photography for over 50 years - since early 1972. He has taken a large quantity of fine astrophotos during his awesome career in astrophotography (yes, he's in astrophoto biz, including some really rarely seen and perhaps never else photographed deepsky objects. Thes have longly been available through his website, which unfortunately closed a short time ago.

This website die contain many older film images (panchromatic black-and-white), and even more newer CCD images (also b/w). He formerly used a common Celestron 8 for years, and later worked with an 8-inch and a 14.5-inch Newtonian reflector, both with f/5 primaries. His astrophotography was and is done from around his home in Southern California.

Martin's website included a film image archive and a huge collection od CCD images. Unfortunately, it seems to have disappeared semi-recently.

.. more to come soon ..

Hartmut Frommert

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