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Images of Supernova 1998bu in M96

[CTIO image of SN 1998bu]
Nick Suntzeff's image of Supernova 1998bu in M96, taken with the 0.9m telescope at CTIO on May 27, 1998.

Click on image to get full-size version. A series showing SN 1998bu evolve is also available; please note Nick's SN 1998 bu investigations. Credit: Nick Suntzeff, CTIO/AURA/NSF

[SN 1998bu discovery image]
SN 1998bu discovery image by Mirko Villi, May 9, 1998

  • Prediscovery image by Chuck Faranda, May 3, 1998

    [Pedro Re's SN 1998bu pic]
    Pedro Re's Supernova 1998bu image, May 17, 1998

    [Grasslands Observatory pic]

    Supernova 1998bu in M96, as photographed from the Grasslands Observatory with a 24-inch f/5 reflector and Apogee AP7 CCD camera, by Tim Hunter and James McGaha, on June 13, 1998.

  • More images from Tim Hunter and James McGaha

  • More images of Supernova 1998bu in M96 (David Bishop)
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