Messier Marathon 1998

This was our announce for the 1998 Messier Marathon. As this event is now over, we collect the 1998 and earlier Messier Marathon results. To contribute, simply send me an email with your or your groups results and/or a link to your own results page.
This year, the date around the weekend from Friday 27 to Sunday 29th of March, 1998 gives a good opportunity to observe actually all 110 Messier objects, for observers of mid-northern latitude (20-40 deg). Unlike the last two years, no spectacular comet is present this time, so you can perhaps concentrate more on the Messier deep sky objects. In addition, you can easily observe the planets Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto during this night (provided Pluto is visible with your scope at all); there's also a chance to view Mercury, Saturn and Mars very low down west after sunset, so that it may be possible to combine the Messier with a solar system marathon (thanks to Bill Arnett for this hint). Meteors might be visible from the following showers: Eta Draconids, Beta Leonids, perhaps some Leonids-Ursids, Eta Virginids, or Pi Virginids. Comets visible, according to the JPL index of Currently Visible Comets, sorted by apparent magnitude (for March 28, 1998):
Comet                       RA (2000.0) Dec  mag

C/1995 O1 Hale-Bopp 04:59.9 -53:43 8.0 C/1997 J2 Meunier-Dupouy 21:48.0 +31:44 11.2 C/1997 T1 Utsunomiya 18:06.7 -10:44 12.2 103P/Hartley 2 05:13.5 +07:31 12.9 43P/Wolf-Harrington 09:25.8 -15:46 14.3 C/1996 D1 Mueller 02:36.7 -11:56 15.0 104P/Kowal 2 04:02.1 +14:07 15.3 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 1 13:30.1 -20:45 15.6 78P/Gehrels 2 06:44.1 +16:07 16.0 C/1997 O1 Tilbrook 15:21.7 +73:36 16.1 128P/Shoemaker-Holt 1 04:53.3 +19:09 16.1 132P/Helin-Roman-Alu 2 04:46.3 +17:07 18.3

Supernova ! A very special bonus is the 12th-magnitude supernova 1998S, which occurred timely in the galaxy NGC 3877 in Ursa Major; this galaxy is also only about 12th magnitude, but many amateurs will be able to get it in a break in the marathon.

Hope these enrichments will be appreciated during your marathon session !

Messier Marathon Events 1998

The following Messier Marathon Events have been announced: Look at the 1998 Messier Marathon results!

If you have undertaken, or participated in, a Messier Marathon, 1998 or earlier, if not already done so, please email me your or your group's results, or the link to your results page, for inclusion in our Messier Marathon Results page!

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