[All Messier Observer Certificate]

If you have personally observed all Messier objects, visually or photographically, with one or more telescopes, binoculars, or some of them with the naked eye, maybe you'd like to make this fact publicly known on the Web. You are encouraged to announce this on your hompage in the web, and are granted the right to use above logo certifying that you have observed all 110 Messier objects (click on the logo to get it in full size).

It is desirable that you certify this by a reasonable observing report, with remarks when and where, and with what instrument, you have seen each object, optimally augmented by short descriptions and/or scans of drawings, photos, etc whereever available. Especially you should explain why you could observe southern M7 if you live on the North Pole, or M81 if you live in Antarctica, or faint M98 with a 8x30 binoculars.

It is highly recommended to use this logo only as desired (although this is not under our control, we do not allow any other use of this logo).

Hartmut Frommert
Christine Kronberg

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Last Modification: February 10, 1998