Hans Vehrenberg (March 6, 1910 - August 2, 1991)

Born in Emden, lived and died in Düsseldorf.

Amateur astronomer who was lawyer and tax counselor in professional life. He became high-profile amateur astrophotographer, using Schmidt camera to photograph deepsky objects (inclusing all Messier objects). He published his work in his own publishing house, the Treugesell Verlag, a company located in Düsseldorf which was also famous for importing telescopes, astronomical literature and observing aids. Ob particular importance is his Messier book, "Mein Messierbuch", which was later extended to his "Atlas of Deep Sky Splendors" (German: Atlas der schönsten Himmelsobjekte).

Other work include his Handbook of Constellations (Handbuch der Sternbilder), Falkau Sternatlas, Atlas Stellarum, Atlas of Selected Areas, and Atlas of Galactic Nebulae (Atlas Galaktischer Nebel, with T. Neckel).

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