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John Mallas and Evered Kreimer: The Messier Album. References

Without doubt, one of the most important and most famous publications on the Messier Catalog and the Messier Objects is the Messier Album, created in the 1960s and 1970s by John Mallas and Evered Kreimer, and published by Sky Publishing Corporation (Mallas and Kreimer, 1978). John Mallas contributed descriptions from his visual observations with his 4-inch f/16 Unitron refractor, Evered Kreimer his photographs. These photos were black & white film images taken between December 1963 and March 1970 on Kodak Tri-X film cooled to -109 deg Fahrenheit, with a 12.5-inch f/7 Newtonian reflector (Cave Astrola).

This work was first published in a series of 41 articles in Sky and Telescope between May 1967 and September 1970, and later as the beautiful book which became famous. The book also includes a reprint of the Messier Catalog of 1781, as well as some reference material on Charles Messier and his catalog, contributed by Owen Gingerich.

Below we give bibliographic references for both the book and the articles:


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