Paul Henry (August 21, 1848 - January 4, 1905) and
Prosper Henry (December 10, 1849 - July 25, 1903)

Brothers Paul-Pierre (Paul) and Mathieu-Prosper (Prosper) Henry were telescope makes and astronomers in Paris, building refractors for observatories (including the 13" Photographic Refractor at Paris Observatory). They were involved as endorsers of the Carte du Ciel project to create a photographic atlas of the sky, and discovered 14 asteroids.

On the photographic plates they obtained on November 16, 1885, the brothers Henry discovered the nebula around the star Maia in the Pleiades (M45), cataloged as NGC 1432 (Henry and Henry 1886a, 1886b).

Honors include naming of Moon Crater "Henry Frères" (23.5S 58.9W, diameter 42km, depth 2 km), and the Henry Crater on Mars (10.9N 336.7W, diameter 171km).


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