Galaxies from the M102 (NGC 5866) group: M102 (NGC 5866) and NGC 5907

[NGC 5866, John Sefick]
M102 (NGC 5866)
[NGC 5907, John Sefick]
Extremely elongated edge-on spiral, NGC 5907

The two large members of the M102 or NGC 5866 group, M102 (NGC 5866) and NGC 5907. These galaxies are really massive: Burbidge and Burbidge derived a mass of about 1 trillion suns for each of them. They form a physical group together with some smaller galaxies.

Images by John Sefick, taken with a 25-inch Newton and a ST-6 CCD camera.

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    Hartmut Frommert
    Christine Kronberg

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