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The M94 group of galaxies - CVn I Cloud

According to De Vaucouleurs (1975), this is a nearby loose and scattered cloud or group of galaxies (his G3, or Canes Venatici I Cloud). Its distance is not very well known but estimated at about 14-20 million light years.

Messier objects: M64, M94.

De Vaucouleurs also includes M106, but because of its larger redshift, this is probably a more remote non-member galaxy, no more included e.g. in Schmidt and Boller (1992).

This group is rather loose and clearly dominated by the two Messier galaxies. It does not show up as a unique group in R. Brent Tully's Nearby Galaxies Catalog; here, M64 and UGC 8024 are listed as a small group of their own, while M94 and the rest are mixe up with Schmidt-Boller's NGC 4244 group. The vastness of this group may be illustrated by the fact that their apparent separation of about 20 degrees in the sky indicates that the projected linear distance of these galaxies from each other, a lower limit for the real distance, is about 35 percent of their distance from us, or about 5-7 million light years - about 2-3 times the distance between the Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxy.

The following table lists some data for the galaxies in the Canes Venatici I Cloud or M94 group (or M94-M64 group) according to Schmidt and Boller:

Galaxy    Name II   RA (2000.0) Dec type m_v       dim      RV

UGCA 281 12:26.3 +48:29 P 14.77 0.9x0.8 367 UGC 7639 12:29.9 +47:31 Ir+ 13.79p 3.2x1.5 462 IC 3687 W. V.7 12:42.1 +38:30 Ir+ 13.33p 3.5x2.1 396 UGC 7949 Sab UGC 7990 M94 NGC 4736 12:50.9 +41:07 Sb 8.17 11.0x9.1 329 UGC 8024 12:54.0 +27:09 Ir+ 13.79p 2.2x1.8 380 M64 NGC 4826 12:56.7 +21:41 Sb 8.51 9.4x5.4 377 IC 4182 W. V.216 13:05.8 +37:36 Sm 12.63p 6.7x5.9 380 NGC 5023 H 2.664 13:12.2 +44:02 Sc: 12.25p 6.5x1.0 484

Key: Galaxy: Some catalog number or name; RA/Dec: Position 2000.0; type: Hubble type; m_v: apparent visual magnitude; dim: dimension in arc minutes; RV: radial velocity (all data from the Sky Catalog 2000 when available).


Hartmut Frommert
Christine Kronberg

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