Supernova 2018ivc in M77

Supernova 2018ivc (also designated DLT18aqi, ZTF18acrcogn, and ATLAS18zot) was discovered in M77 on November 24, 2018 by the DLT 40, USA, a collaboration for searching supernovae within 1 day of occurrance; TNS list the discoverers: S. Valenti, D.J.Sand, S. Wyatt. It was found when still rising at visual magnitude 15.4, and brightened to 13.2 on November 28, 2018. This supernova is located 8".7 east and 16".1 north of the center of M77, just north of M77's bright central bulge. It was classified as of type II.

Hartmut Frommert

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Last Modification: December 4, 2018