Supernovae 2002ap and 2003gd in M74

[SN 2002ap, CfA] [SN 2003gd, M. Schwartz]

Images of M74 with the supernovae 2002ap and 2003gd for comparison. The SN 2002ap image was taken by Harvard CfA astronomers with the 1.2-m telescope on Mt. Hopkins, Arizona. The SN 2003gd image was obtained by Mike Schwartz.

[Finder chart for SNe 2002ap and 2003gd, AAVSO]

Finder Chart showing the positions of both supernovae in M74, SN 2002ap and SN 2003gd.
Credit: AAVSO

  • Supernova 2002ap
  • Supernova 2003gd

    Hartmut Frommert
    Christine Kronberg

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