All the photographs accessible from AAO images pages are copyrighted.

The copyright of all photographs should be acknowledged whenever they are reproduced. Our preferred credits are as follows.

The copyright of those images identified AAT (Anglo-Australian Telescope) is the property of the Anglo-Australian Telescope Board, though the images are often for convenience credited © Anglo-Australian Observatory.
Credit line should read:
Copyright or © Australian Astronomical Observatory and (optionally) Photograph by David Malin.

The copyright of those images identified UKS (UK Schmidt Telescope) is shared with the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh.
Credit line should read:
Copyright or © Anglo-Australian Observatory/Royal Observatory, Edinburgh and (optionally)
Photograph from UK Schmidt plates by David Malin.

The copyright of images identifed INT (Isaac Newton Telescope) is owned by the Institute de Astrofisicas de Canarias and the Royal Greenwich Observatory.
Copyright or © IAC/RGO/Malin and (optionally) Photograph by David Malin.

The copyright of images identifed David Malin is owned by David Malin.

WWW uses
The pictures on this server with burned-in credit lines are available free for use on bulletin boards or other WWW sites.
However, this requires the written permission of the copyright holders, and is subject to the following conditions:

Commercial uses (All photographs are supplied without the burned-in credit lines)
The images supplied as prints, transparencies on CD-ROM or downloaded are copyright. They must only be used in the context agreed in writing between the recipient of these images and the Anglo-Australian Observatory (AAO). They are not to be distributed to third parties unless in the course of the agreed project or work, nor can they be published or redistributed in any form without AAO permission.

Please contact Repro Permissions, photo at aaoepp.aao.gov.au for information on commercial reproduction rights and conditions or David Malin (dfm at aaoepp.aao.gov.au) for technical information. Some technical information about the photographs is already available online.

David Malin
dfm at aaoepp.aao.gov.au
March 5, 2000

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