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The Messier Catalog online database of SEDS has now mirror sites around the world. Please select your nearest mirror for fastest access. Moreover, the Messier Catalog is being translated to different languages (the original Messier pages are written in US English [well, as far as I was successful as native German]). If you would like (and have the resources) to create a mirror, or translation to a certain language, please contact Hartmut Frommert.

The original SEDS Messier Catalog online database has its home on the machine of SEDS (, the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space at the University of Arizona:

Maintainer: Hartmut Frommert (spider at
Host: SEDS (SEDS, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona)

Mirrors and other language sites

Mirrors: There have been more former mirrors which seem to be no more available at this time; please notify me if you know about potential new internetwise whereabouts of any of these sites.

Other Language sites:

Formerly, work has been done or announced on a number of other language versions. If you know of any continuing work in any of these (or other) languages, please notify me!

Please direct all correspondence concerning the mirrors and foreign language sites to the maintainers. Comments and other input on the contents of the Messier pages (which is highly appreciated) in English or German should be sent to Hartmut Frommert or Chris Kronberg [contact], while correspondence in the following other languages is also welcome:

Important Notice: In addition to our official mirrors and foreign-language sites listed above, an increasing number of "unofficial" mirrors and more or less modified or derived copied websites seems to be around. In some cases, not even hints are given to that they got their materials from us. Up to here, we don't really care about this practice at this time, although we would appreciate it to get notified by the maintainers of these "mirrors" and "derived sites" - they all are invited to become official mirror sites (see above, or submit the relevant data).

Recently, a small but unfortunately increasing number of sites have started to claim false copyrights on stuff originating or obtained from us. We strongly deprecate this practise, state that it is unlawful to claim inappropriate rights on stuff originating from our services (see our usage regulations page), and particularly emphasize that this might cause third-party royalty holders, or at some time even ourselves, to bring serious problems to those falsely claiming any ownership rights on their (the owners') stuff. Concerned parties are requested to remove any false claims of rights.

July 12, 2001
Hartmut Frommert, Maintainer of the Messier pages at SEDS

Hartmut Frommert
Christine Kronberg

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